Three tips to help you get started with your website

Starting the process to build your own website can be daunting. So to help you get started, I’m giving you 3 tips:

Tip one:

Figure out who your ideal customer is. This is very important and your must-do first step. If there was only one person in the entire world who would buy your product or service, who would that be? Describe them as detailed as possible.

Tip two:

Conceptualising your brand can be hard but it becomes a lot easier if you start by figuring out your brand colours. To get your creativity going, ask yourself: “If my business were a colour, what colour would it be and why?”.

Tip three:

Your website must connect your heart and purpose with your ideal customer – your website will be YOU in digital form. One important step is to map out the sections (or pages) your website will have. This will make it easier for your visitors to navigate and find the info they’re looking for. Start with the Home page, the About page, Services page and a Contact page (very important!).

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