Peruvian Chocolate

Logo & website development

Logo design for a handmade chocolate bar brand. Gold and blue.


Peruvian Chocolate needed a logo and website that reflected the quality of their product. The cacao beans used to make their chocolate bars are organic and locally-sourced. Their chocolate bars and handmade in small-batches, producing high-end chocolate bars. They are proud of this fact, so the challenge was representing it in a logo and subsequent website.

Peruvian Chocolate’s ideal customers know the benefits of good cacao beans. They also care about where and who makes the bars. For this reason the brand identity and website also needed to feel high end.


The solution was starting off from the cacao bean. Then the idea came to use the initials for Peruvian Chocolate to create its shape. The semi-swirls and the use of a sans-serif typeface keep within the need for a high-end feel. Finally gold and blue against a black background add the final touches of refinement.

Website Design Showcase for a handmade chocolate bar brand. Blue, gold on a black background